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Story of Joseph
Story of Joseph
Written by Gastonjeremiah
Story of Joseph

Genesis 37:5-9; 23,24; 39:20, 21; 41:39-44; Genesis 27:41; 1 Kings 22:8; Esther 3:5,6; 2 Timothy 3:12

The story of this young man who went from pit to Potiphar’s house then to prison and eventually to the Palace and also from rags to riches, never loses it’s charm for young and old alike.  It would take a book itself to fully portray all the vicissitudes (changing circumstances) and virtues of Joseph, who kept his record clean.  It is my prayer that no matter where we are and how we are, the life of Joseph will inspire us to aspire higher and the God of All-Grace who enabled Joseph will lavish his grace upon us to emulate Joseph. 

We will examine the message from three areas:

  1. Joseph in the pit while at home
  2. Joseph in Prison while in Potiphar’s house
  3. Joseph in the Palace far away from home

Genesis 37:1-9; 37:19-25; 39:1-6

The brethren of Joseph conspired to kill him because of his dreams which eventually came to pass.  Even though his brethren envied and hated him he loved them and went to seek their welfare when his father sent him to look for them.  God controlled the diabolical plans of his brethren.  Instead of killing him they agreed to sell him to some merchantmen who bought him and brought him to Egypt. God was in control of his life not his brethren because of his life of righteousness and purity.  All they did worked together for his good (Romans 8:28)


Genesis 37:31-38; 39:1-6

Joseph found himself as a slave in Potiphar’s house.  He laboured yet he was faithful in high places (Genesis 39:1-6,20-23).  He enjoyed the presence of God and won the confidence of his master (Genesis 39:2,4).  Joseph had physical beauty, but it was never a snare to him as it is to some people today (Genesis 39:6). 

Joseph resisted temptation.  His godless mistress could not seduce him.  Grace was his to flee youthful lusts (2 Timothy 2:22). He did not commit a “great wickedness” against his God which many youths have taken as a light sin. (Genesis 39:7-13). Joseph was silent in the midst of foul accusations and the appearance of guilt and unjust punishment (Genesis 39:14-20).  Joseph’s mistress lied against him he was imprisoned by his master without given chance to tell the side of his story and was imprisoned without trial.  Bu the Lord was with Joseph (Genesis 39:11-23).  The godly will surely be hated and suffer persecution.

Even in the prison Joseph kept on doing his work by interpreting dreams for two inmates.  He depended upon God for illumination, proving that he was not a mere dreamer but an interpreter of dreams (Genesis 40:1-23). No matter where you are and the problems you have, all you need is the presence of God.


Genesis 41:14-46; 43:20; 50:16-21; Mark 11:25; Luke 17:4; Ephesian 4:32; Esther 6:11; Daniel 2:48; 3:30;

Now the time for promotion has eventually come and Joseph was taken away from prison and brought to the palace (Genesis 41:14-46). After the interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream he was promoted. Joseph was not spoilt by sudden promotion and prosperity when the days of honour followed days of humiliation, he did not yield to pride (Genesis 41:14-16).  Joseph manifested great wisdom, brotherly love; filial devotion and utter submission to God (Genesis 43:20; 45:8, 14, 23; 47:7).  Joseph knew how to return good for evil. Do you know how to do that? (Genesis 50:16-21).

If we cannot have all the gifts of Joseph, who is a perfect type of Christ, we can certainly covet all his graces.  If we cannot have his greatness, we can certainly emulate his goodness.  Remember from the pit to prison and then to the palace.  God can do it again.

The troubles and the trauma Joseph went through could have been prevented by God’s power but out of His wisdom (God), He allowed all of them to come to Joseph to confirm scripture: “And we know that all thing work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28).

From the pit to Potiphar’s house to the prison and finally to the palace, God used all to teach him Administration to enable him to do the work he did in Egypt.  He had his lectures in Administration in Potiphar’s house and in the prison house.  Joseph did not have the means in terms of transportation to Egypt but through selling him his fare was taken care of till he got to Egypt.

God who did all these to Joseph can do the same to all who uphold life of Righteousness like Joseph.  Your promotion is coming.

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