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My Missing Rib by Authority O.A.U.

Written by Gastonjeremiah

Written: March 16, 2016                                  Words & Music by

Authority, O. A. U.

1.”He that finds a wife surely finds a good things”

Missing rib, missing rib; “And he obtains favour from the blessed Lord;

‘Tis required of bride and the groom so to live, together in harmony,

Love each other, shining as God’s light in the world.

2.”Go and multiply and replenish the earth”,

Missing rib, missing rib; Bearing godly children that will serve the Lord

Building Christian homes that will honour His name.

All the time and everywhere, daily guided by the glorious light of His Word.

3. “It is not good for the man to be alone,

Missing rib, missing rib; I will make a helper that is fit for him;

Therefore shall a man leave his father mother and cleave to his wife as one flesh,

Every living           happily      as God’ will for him

4. Husband, love your wife, cherish her like treasure;

Missing rib, missing rib; take good care of her just as the Lord His bride;

Submit to your own husband, wife    as the head, all the time and in everything,

Every supportive and always be by his side.


Hallelujah hallelujah this the day the Lord God has made so

I am rejoicing; Praise the Lord! I have found my missing rib

Hallelujah I have found the flesh of my flesh!

Hallelujah I have found the bone of my bone

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