Unwavering Commitment to Soul Winning

Ezekiel 3:17-19; Romans 9:1-3

God commissioned Prophet Ezekiel to deliver His message to the people of Israel.  Like the Prophet, every believing youth has been commissioned to take the message of Christ’s redemptive work to the sinning youth world.  This task is special, important, specific, worthy, rewardable and profitable.  It fulfils the reason for our existence on earth, causes joy in heaven, grants us heaven’s approval and favour.  However, there are certain situations that pose as hindrances to this most important task.  They come in the form of apathy, pursuing academic laurels and neglecting dying souls of our colleagues, lack of burden for the lost souls, been persecuted for being in the service of the Lord etc.  These weaken us for the real soul-saving ministry and distract us from the real direction we ought to go.

Due to these earthly pursuits and challenges, many young souls that should have been won miss heaven.  Sadly, these are the lot of many in the church.  We must wake up, recover ourselves and be unwaveringly committed to this urgent task.


Ezekiel 3:17-19; Matthew 3:7-10; 2 Corinthians 5:11,18-20

All believing youths are God’s appointed watchmen.  Our mandate or commission is divine; our responsibility is well spelt out; and our penalty is frightening if we are negligent.  Since our duty is well defined, our destiny depends on faithfulness to the charge which is for a lifetime.  There is danger in closing our eyes to the plight of the perishing teenagers.  Therefore, we must warn our friends, siblings, colleagues, relations, neighbours and family members.  Our responsibility is to wholeheartedly tell them about the power of Christ to save.  If they repent, it will bring joy to the soul-winner and joy in heaven. If they fail to repent we would have done our part. 


Matthew 25:31,41-46; Luke 21:34-36; 1 Timothy 6:6-10

Individual youths who grow from bad to worse are treading on slippery ground. They degenerate by becoming less righteous each passing day; they increasingly descend into more evil and sin, carnality and worldliness, injustice and unrighteousness, bribery and corruption, cheating and lying, extortion and stealing, hatred and pride, backsliding and bondage.  As they grow from bad to worse like Pharaoh, Ahab, Absalom, etc, their hearts are hardened.  Such people are growing in evil and they will end in damnation and judgment.  But God wants every sinning youth to repent and have eternal life.  Therefore, we must have the compassion for the perishing youth and reach them for Christ.


2 Corinthians 5:14,15; Philippians 3:7,8; Hebrews 2:9; Romans 14:7; Jude 21-23

Every true believing youth is compelled by the love of Christ to show gratitude for what, he had done for him.  Christ came to save man from the power of sin and gave up His position above.  He endured mockery, shame, cruelty and an agonizing death on the cross to save the sinner from sin.  Like as he/she was rescued from sin and pitiable spiritual state, the believing youth must, in appreciation for what Christ has done, be so self-sacrificing that he/she becomes willing to lay down everything for God, go any distance and reach every school for the cause of Christ.  There should be willingness to sacrifice anything in order to get the sinning youths out of bondage of sin.

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