Psalm 51:1-4; John 17:15,20,17,3,9,11,14,16, 1 Thessalonica 5:22,23

Sanctification experience is for all believers and it is clearly taught in the Scriptures.  To be sanctified means (1) to be made holy (2) to be cleansed from moral pollution in the heart, spirit and mind. (3) To be made free from inbred sin (4) To be set apart entirely for God’s work, honour and glory.  Sanctification keeps us united with other believers (John 17:21).  We can live under the same roof, worship in the same church, believe the same doctrines and follow the same Master and not be one.  It was so with the disciples on many occasions. They argued among themselves on who should be the greatest. It brought disagreement and discord among them. They were not one.  Jesus knowing this prayed for their sanctification. He knew very well that sanctification with Christ enthroned on their heart would make them walk in the same direction, speak the same thing, think the same way, uplift the same thing and in honour prefer another above themselves.

This is the greatest need of the hour for this church to bring back all those who have gone into carnality which has the potentiality of derailing the gospel work and also send multitudes in a church where sanctification and Holiness is preached to hell.  May the Lord deliver us!

  1. Salvation before Sanctification of Heart
  2. Sanctification through sincere supplication from the heart.
  3. Sanctification with Christ Enthroned on the Heart.

Psalm 51:1-4; John 17:15,20,17,3,9,11,16; Psalms 24:4

Salvation and Sanctification are the two major Christian experiences that deal with the two-fold problem of sin.  Salvation makes our character and our personality look good and different outwardly.  But the thoughts and sinful desires that are hidden from men’s eyes will also need to be dealt with so that we can be alright before God.  Sin is a double-fold problem that can only be dealt with the double cure of salvation and sanctification. Unregenerate sinners are never commanded to be sanctified but they are commanded to Repent.  Only believers are commanded, encouraged to pray and are prayed for to be sanctified.

The sinner therefore needs salvation before sanctification.


Ezekiel 36:37; Matthew 7:7-8; 5:6,8; 1 Thessalonica 5:23-24

Salvation comes through sincere prayer to God so also sanctification becomes a reality in a believer’s heart through sincere prayer or supplication from the heart.  It is an experience you acquire by earnestly, passionately praying for it not something you obtain by belonging to a religious denomination.  Sanctification is what made Enoch to walk spotlessly with God for three hundred years and Samuel to live a life without reproach before the children of Israel. (Genesis 5:24; 1 Samuel 12:3-5).  But without prayer, you can read about Enoch and yet not obtain his experience.  You can listen to the story of Samuel and not attain to his holiness.  Belonging to Deeper Life, the Church that teaches Sanctification is not enough.  You must ask.  You must seek.  You must knock.  Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after Righteousness: for they shall be filled…Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:6,8).

When it is time for us to leave this world to go to the great beyond, SANCTIFICATION, HOLINESS, PURITY OF HEART is one things God will be looking for.  But without sanctification we will not be allowed to enter into the presence of God.  And without hungering, thirsting and praying for the experience we cannot be sanctified.


Deuteronomy 30:6; Proverbs 23:26; Mark 7:21; Titus 2:11,13,14; Ephesians 5:25-27; 1 Thessalonica 5:22-24; Acts 15:9; Hebrew 12:14

The heart matters a lot when it comes to spiritual experiences.  At Salvation one has to (“…believe in the heart… Romans 10:9). At sanctification “And the Lord thy God will circumcise thine heart…” Deuteronomy 30:6. My son, give me thine heart… (Proverbs 23:26).  All these is because the heart of man is where lies the problem of sin (Mark 7:21-23). So when we allow Christ to be enthroned on our heart at Salvation and at Sanctification then the battle is won.  We will surely win the battle.

Beyond the experience of Salvation is something richer, higher, greater and deeper – Sanctification and purity of heart for believers.  Salvation makes us new creatures in Christ, but sanctification makes us peculiar people.  Sanctification where Christ takes control of the heart makes us distinct from the ordinary.  We become extra-ordinary not run-of-the mill Christian.  “Faithful is He that calleth you who also will do it”.  Sanctification, like salvation is possible through faith, strong desire, deep consecration and fervent prayer.  We should not be satisfied with the limited holiness we had at Salvation.  Sanctification with Christ enthroned on our hearts is an indispensable experience for every believer.  Whatever we have and whoever we are in the church, if we are not truly sanctified, we are not yet ready to meet with the Lord.  Sanctification fills us with unquenchable zeal for good works.  The lack of zeal and coldness in the life of many is lack of this glorious experience.  It is time to call upon the Lord for this full salvation that makes us spotless and blameless before God and peculiar before men.  It is yours for the asking.

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