Dressed In God’s Whole Armour For Continual Victory

Ephesians 6:10-11, 13-18, Colossians 1:11, 12-16, Romans 13:12-14, II Corinthians 6:7, II Timothy 4:6-8, II Corinthians 10:3-4

Many Christians forget that they are in a war zone in the world. There is constant and consistent war against Satan, sin, the world systems, sicknesses, evil powers, darkness, worldliness, societal ills, evil thoughts, sinful pleasures, lusts, and satanic manipulations. The Bible makes it clear that believers are to be vigilant and be on their guard always to avoid defeat in the hands of their arch-enemy who is constantly out there waging war to seek ‘whom he may devour’ ( 1 Peter:5:8-9). It is possible to live a victorious life all day long, all year long and all the days of one’s life when the Christian amour is intact. The onus then lies on the Christian therefore to appropriate the already won victory of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Christian deliberately puts on ‘the whole amour of God’ (Eph. 6:11). To put on the whole amour of God as the Bible puts it denotes that there is a raging war which the believer needs the amour to wear to fight and survive. This message highlights vividly the enormity of the fight the believer is constantly engaged in, the effectiveness of the Christian amour as a guarantee weapon for a sustained victory. We shall consider the following structured points for a more dilated presentation and understanding of this important message.

1. The Priority and Primacy of The Believers Amour In The Fight

2. The Power and Potency of The Believers Amour For the Faithful

3. The Prayer and Practice of The Believers Amour for His Fortification


 Ephesians 6:10-12, 13-18, Colosians1:11, 12-16, Romans 13:12-14, II Corinthians 6:7, II Timothy 4:6-8, II Corinthians 10:3-4

 Believers face aggression from enemies’ forces every second, minute and on hourly and daily basis. Without the required or prescribed amour the believer will not be able to survive the onslaught of the enemies’ attacks. The amour is the guarantor of victory in the warfare; it gives maximum protection for believers in the warzone where the battle rages and keeps them safe throughout their life time service to the Lord on earth. The Bible describes vividly in a picture language the complete armour of the believer. It must be noted that the scriptures never described the amour as ‘amours’ but rather ‘The whole armour’.

The believers armour is described in six parts in a whole and a top up of a seventh neutral one which connects and cements the rest together. The believer cannot afford to leave any of the armour behind. It must be stated unequivocally that without the believer deliberately putting on the whole armour of God success in the Christian journey will become a delusion. 

The Description of the armour and its priority and primacy in the believer’s life in the fight:

The Christian armour is described in Eph.6:11, 13-18. Col. 4:2-3. 1 Tim. 2:1

  1. Belt of truth – To stand firm in the reveal word of God. To constantly practice the truth as taught from the word of God. This is the believer’s integrity. It is the belt of integrity that holds everything together. Truth in all that the believer says and does keeps the enemy at bay and makes the believer a force to reckon with. When the believer’s integrity is lost then all else is gone.
  2. Breastplate of Righteousness – To protect the warrior from the evils of the world. This armour is the believer’s purity. If the enemy succeeds in attacking the believer with internet pornography, or the enemy gets into the believers heart through immoral thoughts, fornication and adultery or any kind of lust and sin that defiles the heart and mind then it means the armour is not intact.
  3. Sandals for the feet – To leave an evangelical trail for others to follow – It is the believers feet that carries them to the field where the harvest is ripe. It is also the sandals of PEACE: The believer’s tranquility while he works on the field for the Lord. No murmuring, no complaining, no repining. His heart is fixed trusting the Lord. Without this armour the believer becomes idle, dormant and ‘lifeless’.
  4. The shield of faith – To extinguish the incessant arrows of troubles, problems, spiritual attacks, and strange invasions of the evil one. This is the believer’s certainty. The devil will throw the arrows of doubt at the believer but the shield of faith will quench all the doubts that are thrown to the believer.
  5. The sword of the Spirit which (the word of God) – This armour is used to attack the enemies ‘forces who play mind and emotional games on the believer. It is used as an offensive weapon to stop the devils incursions into the inner motives, thoughts and conscience of the devil. A very important armour that cannot be dropped for even a second. Jesus used it against the devil when he was tempted in the wilderness.
  6. The Helmet of salvation is the foundation upon which the believer stands to fight. For ‘if the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do’? This is the believers’ sanity. This armour protects the head. It is in our heads that we form the mind of Christ as believers. The most important thing for the believer to have at all times is his assurance of salvation. This should not be a one-time experience. Assurance of salvation should be an experience which is jealously guarded from the first day the believer accepts Christ till the last day. For if this assurance is gone the believer will be at the mercies of his enemies.
  7. The armour of Prayer – The Bible Calls it all prayer indicating: The prayer of praise in times of joy, prayer of request and supplication in times of need, prayer of intercession for the needs of others, Prayer of faith to move mountains, Prayer of agreement in corporate prayers (Acts 1:14), the prayer of worship that focuses on God and his greatness in times of difficult situations and the prayer of consecration. If believers engage in all these prayers on daily basis the devil will have no way in their lives.

The foregoing shows that the believers’ armour is very fundamental for the success in the journey. The believer must make it a daily priority engagement for his amour to be intact on him all the time.

2. The Power and Potency of The Believers Amour For the Faithful

Eph. 6:10-12, 13, 11 Cor. 10:3-6, 1Thess.3:6-9, 1Tim. 1:18-19, Eph.1:19-22, Ph.2:9-10, Eph.3:15, 2:6, Matt.4:1-11

The believers armour is potent and powerful. What this means is that it can blast like a tornado, fly like a rocket and shoot like a machine gun. Believers have weapons that are so powerful, potent and strong that nothing should defeat any believer. If we are ignorant about this fact then today the Lord is revealing the  truth to us; if we have put our armour down then today we are picking them up, and if we have been stripped off our armour then today we have to pray, believe the Lord and take action to get our armour back.

The believer is called upon to fight with the offensive weapons to:

 1. Pull down all imaginations that are not of God 2. Fight the good fight of faith. 3. Bring down all evil forces that are against the children of God 4. Destroy all oppression 5. Fight and deliver men from the enemies’ grips 6. Know and fight the right enemy-Satan the arc- enemy 7.Fight unbelief and pride in all forms 8, Fight all that works against the propagation of the gospel 9. Fight demons and evil powers 10. Fight strange religions and darkness 11. Fight sicknesses and diseases 11. Fight sin in all its forms and shapes.

But we have our faith to defend with the defensive weapons to: 1. Defend your faith with all your might 2. Defend the cross at all times 3. Defend the Lord everywhere 4. Defend the doctrines everywhere 5. Defend your convictions without shame 5. Defend your salvation at all cost 6. Defend your graces and gifts of the Holy Ghost 7. Defend your integrity from being soiled 8. Defend the ministry for it is the Gospel’s legacy 9. Defend your health and family with your prayers 10. Defend your heaven going without dropping your guard and 11. Defend the church and the nation from diluted religions anmd strange fires. It is your duty!

3. The Prayer and Practice of The Believers Amour for Daily Fortification

Eph. 6:16, James 2:17-18, 19, Matt.5; 13-16, Matt. 28:19-20, 1 tim.1:18-20, Mrk.4:18-20, Heb.10:19-25,

For constant victory in life and ministry the believer must be fully dressed up in his armour. This is made possible through prayer and the practice of the armour on the battle field. Faith must be practiced or it becomes dormant and dead; ‘Faith without works is dead’. The life of Christ must be lived daily or the candle will go off; ‘Ye are the light of the world’. The feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel must be out there to evangelize or the believer losses the performance and force of this great armour-‘Go ye into all the world and preach’. The believer must exercise his conscience to good works or else he loses his good conscience and unfeigned faith that is in him’. Paul told Timothy about those who have lost their conscience. The believers’ integrity and righteousness must be guarded constantly or he backslides unawares through the blindness of their spiritual eyes and the cares of this life. The believer must constantly speak, work and walk in faith or he allows unbelief to overthrow his faith in Christ and the Gospel. The believer must be a constant prayer warrior with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit in order to hold fast the things which he has learnt and received from the Lord. From today every born again believer must make sure he or she is always dressed up for the battle.

Please remember that the devil is not going to wait for us to go and dress up to come and fight him. The armour must be on the believer 24/7, that is every minute, hour and every day. The Lord calls you today fellow believers, to put your armour on. The Lord calls you today dear friend to repent from all your sins and get ready in your armour. There is victory for those who will take the word of God serious. Rise up and put your armour on!

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