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The Saint’s Passionate Desire For Souls

Written by Gastonjeremiah

Matthew 9:35-38; Romans 9:3; 10:1

Passion is a strong emotion, desire or enthusiasm that moves people to do what they do whether in the spiritual or physical goals in life. The thing may look impossible but with a passionate desire, impossibilities will become possible.

When it comes to the work of soul winning, the soulwinner must be passionate and succeed, or neglect it and fail. Our Lord saw the pitiable state or condition of man as He went about preaching and teaching and the Bible says He was moved with compassion, pity and the passion within Him made Him to see the people as fainted, scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. If all the believers in our churches today will put on the spectacles of Jesus we had from the beginning and see the pitiable condition of men and women around us as fainted, scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd no matter their position, power, prosperity and prestige, the passion of Christ will rise from within for us to win the lost for Christ. We will look at the message from three points.

1. The purpose of saints living: is to win souls

2. The passionate desire for souls

3. Prayer and prosperity for soulwinners


Matthew 9:35-36; 4:23-25; 11:1,5; Luke 4:43-44; 13:22; 10:38; Acts 8:4-8; Mark 16:19-20

Jesus our Lord and Saviour as well as all the apostles and believers in the early church gave themselves, totally and completely to soul winning and the Lord prospered their work tremendously. If you look back to see the time every member in Deeper Life gave themselves to Holiness and soul winning even people who did not totally agree with the doctrines of the Bible we stood upon and preached, they wrote about us at that time as “The fastest Growing church in Ghana” Let’s go back to it again. If we have changed in our purpose for living God has not changed let’s go back to that purpose and the Lord will help us again to achieve the purpose for living: To win souls. John Wesley rightly said: “Untold millions are still untold

“You have one business on earthTO SAVE SOULS” Don’t let the earthly business cancel the heavenly business and vision out of your life. The earthly business is just to give you food and necessities of life to carry out the Father’s business. Be like Christ who said to His mother: “…How is it that ye sought me? Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?” (Luke 2:49). Paul said he was not disobedient to the Heaven vision (Acts 26:19) we should not.


Matthew 9:36; 14:14; 15:32; Hebrews 4:15; Numbers 27:17; 1 Kings 22:17;

Jeremiah 50:6; Ezekiel 34:1-6; Zechariah 13:7-8; Romans 9:3; 10:1

By the Grace of God, we have heard a lot for what we have heard to help us a lot to do more for the Lord in Soul winning. We need to go to the Lord in sincere prayers for the Lord to fill us with the passion of Christ to do as our Lord did in going everywhere preaching, teaching and winning souls into the Kingdom of God.

Paul and the other apostles as well as the believers followed in the footsteps of Christ and won multitudes into the kingdom at their own time. We cannot do the opposite.

Let’s bring back our desire for souls which helped us in the past from wherever it had gone – To seeking for money, material things, position, power, popularity, prosperity in all fields which will all end here, and desire for Never-dying souls for the eternal kingdom.


Matthew 9:37-38; Mark 16:15; Luke 10:2; John 4:35-36; Acts 16:9; 18:10;

Philippian 2:19-21; Luke 6:12; Acts 13:2; Ephesians 1:15-23; Romans 1:8,9; Philippians 1:3,4; 1 Samuel 7:8,5; 12:23

If we are looking for prosperity in soulwinning then we should not limit our soulwinning to preaching in bringing the souls to Christ or to the church. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who is the Master Soul winner seeing the enormosity of the task of harvesting for souls told us to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send more labourers into His harvest. More labourers will result in more souls to be won.

After winning the souls we should pray for them, nurture them, visit and follow them up and bring them to the point they themselves will be soul winners. Paul and all successful soul winners followed the clue Jesus gave. Praying day and night for their converts till they became labourers in the harvest field. In our livings and early ministry in the church that is what we did and prospered in soul winning. Whoever and whatever had diverted our attention from this noble work has taken our All –Round prosperity from us like Peter taking seven (7) disciples into fishing including himself and leaving the work Christ gave them, could not prosper till Jesus who knew where our prosperity is got there and brought them back to the work. They did it and prospered and are now in heaven. If Jesus had not turned them back to the work, they would have missed heaven. (John 21:1-17).

Let’s go back to the work and the Saviour of the work will prosper us. All who dedicated their lives, Time, Talent and Treasure to the Lord in Deeper life from the beginning were prospered. The prosperity should not take us away from the work of the Lord who prospered us.

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