Greetings in Nawdm language

Google tells us that, Greetings are an acts of communication in which human beings intentionally make their presence known to each other, to show attention to, and to suggest a type of relationship or social status (formal or informal) between individuals or groups of people coming in contact with each other.

The same in the Nawdm language, greeting are as follow:

Nawdm greetingEnglish/ reply/moment
v rorbii /brobii/ nrorbiiMorning greeting
v rorbii nan/brorbii nan/nrorbii nanmorning greeting
l ba welee, verbii/le ba welee/berbiireply to v rorbii / b rorbi and v rorbii nan / b rorbii nan
l ba welee, verbii nan/le ba welee/berbii nanreply to b/v rorbii and b/v rorbii nan
l ba kan, verbii nanreply to b/v rorbii and b/v rorbii nan
v muunu/ b Muunun In the afternoon
v muunun nan/ b muununIn the afternoon
le ba weleereply to le ba welee
b jabrii v jabriiGreeting in  the evening
b jabrii nanGreeting in the evening
le ba welee, vediireply to v jabrii and v jabrii nan
l ba welee, bedii/ l va welee, vediireply to b jabrii and bedii
De ba kan, vedii nan/ bedii nanreply to v jabrii and v jabrii nan
b nginguu/ ve  nginguuGreeting in the night
b  nginguu/ve nginguu nanGreeting in the night
Ku ba welee, verkuu/ berkuu nanreply to v nginguu and v rorbii nan/ berkuu/ b rebii
Ku ba welee, verkuu nan/ berkuu nanreply to v nginguu and v rorbii nan/b rorbi
Ku ba kan, verkuu nan/ berkuu nanreply to v nginguu and v rorbii nan
b ŋɛɛgbii/ v ŋɛɛgbiigreeting  to a person working
n ŋɛɛgɦiiGreeting to some people working
b ŋɛɛgbii nan/ v ŋɛɛgbiimorning greeting
l ba weleereply to b ŋɛɛgbii /v  ŋɛɛgbii and b ŋɛɛgbii nan/v ŋɛɛgbii
L ba laa?how are you?
L kpaq lii(It’s somehow) reply to Le ba laa
L ba hom(I’m fine) reply to Le ba laa
b gbanu ba laa? / v  gbanu ba laa?how are you, “how is your body?”
b gbanuu kan? v gbanuu kanhow are you, “how is your body?”


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