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Months of the year in Nawdm
Written by Gastonjeremiah

Today we are going to learn the days of the week in Nawdm Language. Nawdm is a language spoken in Ghana and in the northern part of Republic of Togo. The people that speak it are called Nawdba( Plural) or Nawda (Singular). These days are named according to the activities or the cultural activities of the mother town.

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MondayDabyaku ,baraaku, kakaaku
TuesdayDlaaku, tɛɛnab
WednesdayTantaab, baragŋa(siou), tɛgnab
ThursdayTiyaku, Koka yaku(BG), kpalbayaku (Siou)
FridayBooku, nyamtyaku
SaturdayLaarbuga, gwedkpaaku
SundayLaad, sooku, kudyaku(BG), binaka (Siou, Bana)
Learn to speak Nawdm

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