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TEXT: MARK 5:21-24, 35-43                          MINISTER: PASTOR W. F. KUMUYI 
Before Jesus got to the house of Jairus to lay hands on the child, a woman with the issue of blood came, saying, if I may but touch the hem of His garment, I shall be made whole. That was what we learned last week.
We must know that it was a great privilege for Jairus to know that Christ was around, and that he knew where He was and how to find Him. Jesus is the answer to every problem or challenge today. Even when Jairus’ daughter was dead, Jesus still had solution to it. Whatever is the challenge of your life, no matter how great, big, wide, extensive and how desperate you may be, Christ has the answer.
He is the solution to every problem: attacked by demons, afflicted by disease or anguished by the death of a loved one, Christ is timely and a timely solution in every situation. Come to Him and be relieved. He will answer your questions. He will heal the sick, raise the dead, deliver the oppressed, and all that needs to be done in our lives.
Jairus was one of the rulers of the synagogue, but he had to come out of his religious circle. He made up his mind to come despite the disposition of his colleagues towards Jesus. They did not believe in Christ. To come to Jesus, there is a price to pay. Jairus came to Christ contrary to the tradition of the elders. His daughter was at the point and she needed the touch of Christ.


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Why are we emphasizing the word, ‘premature’? It is appointed unto man once to die, and after this, the judgment. Abraham died, Sarah died, Moses died, Joshua and all the elders that outlived him died, David and Solomon died, even John the Baptist died but Jesus did not go to raise him up. He was the forerunner of Jesus Christ, because it is appointed unto man once to die, but a girl of 12 years dying is premature. You and your daughter will not die prematurely. Amen.

1. The Announcement Of The Daughter’s Death. While Jairus was yet speaking with Jesus, words came from his house that his daughter was dead. Whatever negative message you have received Christ will turn it around. He is never late, nothing is impossible with Him.
2. The Assurance Of Divine Dominion. What is Jesus telling us tonight? BE NOT AFRAID, ONLY BELIEVE. Christ has power, authority and dominion over every challenge, He has total control. Some people, by reason of the challenges of life carry burdens and weep unceasingly with no one to comfort them. But the end has not come. If only you can believe, all things are possible unto you. As you believe, it will be done If you believe, you will see the glory of God. You will not believe the power of individuals, but the power of God.
3. Their Attitude To His Daring Declaration.
Some people are professional weepers. Jesus got to the house, and saw people weeping. He told them the girl was only sleeping but not dead. The people who were weeping laughed Him to scorn, this shows their initial weeping was not genuine.
Their laughter also showed they did not believe in the power and words of Christ. Do not allow their attitude of unbelief to affect you; what Christ has said will come to pass.
4. His Authority over the Damsel’s Death.
As soon as Jesus said, damsel, arise, straightway, immediately, she arose. The people were amazed. Jesus said the damsel was sleeping, why? As easy as it is for us to wake our children from sleep, so easy it is for Jesus to raise the dead.
Jesus has not even prayed before giving thanks to the Heavenly Father for hearing Him always. Afterwards, He called Lazarus to come forth. Immediately, the dead heard Him and came out. He instructed the people to lose him and let him go. Christ has power over every problem, including death



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Why are we studying this? Do we go to every hospital and every mourner’s house with the confidence that we have the power of Christ and start making effort to raise the dead? Jesus did not do that. He raised up Jairus’ daughter and the son of the widow because their deaths were premature. Elijah and Elisha also raised up children who died because their deaths were untimely.
We must also know that prevention is better than cure. How? Jesus taught the people how to live so that they will not die avoidable deaths.
Learning and living to prevent untimely death is wiser, better and easier than fasting and praying to raise the dead. Jesus raised a few dead people but spent most of His time teaching people how to live right in order to prevent unnecessary and premature death. The apostles in the early church did the same. Righteousness prevents believers from dying prematurely.
Some Examples Of Untimely Deaths:  

*Abimelech took the wife of Abraham and would have died prematurely if God had not appeared to, and warned him. This case did not require Abimelech fasting, praying, rolling on the ground, and crying, but only to make amends by returning Abraham’s wife.
*Abner died as a fool. He was accused by Ishbosheth, one of Saul’s children of having immoral relationship with Saul’s concubine. He got so annoyed that he decided to make a pact with David against Saul’s house. Joab, on hearing this went to meet him, greeting and killing him. Premature death comes to some people because of unbridled, uncontrollable anger.
 *With humility and righteousness, you will not die before your time. Premature death came to a man who came to give David the news of Saul’s death. He lied to David that he killed Saul, David’s enemy, hoping to make him happy, but he got premature death as reward.
* Saul died prematurely because he transgressed against the Lord, and because he went to enquire from a woman with familiar spirit.
*. Do not interfere in matters that has nothing to do with you. Do not meddle with issues you are not called into Some people thirst and hunger for fights. Josiah was eager to show power and courage and he went to involve himself in a fight that did not concern him, and he died unnecessarily.
When people are fighting, do not go there to separate or support anyone. Do not say, he is my friend, if he were your friend; he ought not to be fighting in the first place. Let him finish his business and then preach the gospel to him.
* Wickedness and sins shorten lives. The years of the wicked shall be shortened: But thou, O God, shalt bring them down into the pit of destruction: bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days; but I will trust in thee) If they should have lived up to 80, they will not live up to 40, 70 – 35, and 100, they will not live up to 50 years

* Ananias and his wife sold their land, kept back part of the proceeds and lied that they brought all the money to the feet of the apostles. It is not time for you to die, do not meddle in things that will bring untimely death to you.
* Herod made an oration, and the people praised him, calling him a god. Immediately the angel of the Lord slapped him and he died, with worms eating him up immediately. Do not allow people to push you to untimely death by praising or flattering you beyond measure.


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There are two sides just as there are two kinds of people: saints and sinners. There is also hell on the one hand and heaven on the other hand .The saint died and was ushered to Abraham’s bosom while the sinner died and he opened his eyes in hell fire.
 A. The Immediate Consciousness Of Saints After Death.
There was no interval, immediately the thief died, he went to paradise because right there and then, and he received salvation and redemption on the cross. The same day a believer dies, he sees the glory of God. Jesus prayed for His disciples that they will be where He was going to be: heaven.
B. Immediately a child of God dies, he becomes absent in the body, and goes to the very presence of God, not roaming about here and there, neither does he go to purgatory (II Corinthians 5:8;

C. It will not be a gain if a child of God dies and his spirit ends up in darkness or roams about

D. Your good works will follow you to heaven. Amen.
Sinners die, saints die. Immediately after death, there is consciousness on both sides

E. The rich man was conscious when he landed in hell immediately after death. His brain and senses were alert and functional. He could talk, he even recognized father Abraham. He requested for a drop of water because he was feeling serious thirst.

F. The fire of hell is never quenched and the worms there die not, and the sense of pains for inhabitants are ever acute .Sinners will forever be tormented in hell. This will not be our portion in Jesus name. Amen.
We have learnt today about the death of young people, if you are not of age, and you are sick, the Lord will take that sickness away from you. Amen.
And if you are a child of God, and your time comes to go, you will go to the right hand side. You will go to heaven, you will not perish, and you will be praising God forever because you are saved. Amen.
But if someone is not saved, he or she must be saved tonight.
If you have a terminal disease, and you do not want to die yet, FEAR NOT, ONLY BELIEVE. You will live happy, holy, healthy and sound life. Every sickness will be taken away from you. Anytime there is a negative dream or prophecy, look away from it and turn your face to the Lord in prayer. Pray fervently the way Hezekiah prayed and you will be healed and live. Remind God about Jesus’ death and His righteousness which has been transferred to your account.
The remedy for the sickness was given to Hezekiah while 15 years was added to him.

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