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I WANT TO SERVE YOU MORE With Lyrics by Authority,O.A.U.

  • 1. I want to serve you more, I want to serve You more, Oh Lord this is my plea;
    Ev’ry moment of my life, In Your serve I would be.
  • 2. I want to serve You more, With this one of mine,For it will soon be past, Earthy things will pass away,
    Only works for Christ will last.
  • 3. Oh come ye faithful ones, to serve the Redeemer, Who gave His life for you, What else can you give to Him; But your service pure and true.
  • Chorus
  • I want to serve You more, I want to serve You more Your precept uphold,
    My all, my life to give, nothing will I withholding will I withhold.

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