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TEXTS: I Kings 18:1, 45; Deuteronomy 33:23-29; Psalms 5:12.

There was a sore famine in Samaria, there was Poverty, hunger and sorrow in the land of Samaria, and the word of God came to Elijah to go and shew himself unto Ahab, that the Lord will send rain upon the earth, the land has been suffering from Poverty and penury, but now God said that the famine and poverty will be over, and tonight, the Lord is assuring you that, that poverty in your life is over, tonight can be a turning Point in your life if you believe, and something marvelous is coming to you In JESUS Name, Amen. Tonight is a Great Night of a Great miracle and manifestation of Divine Favour in your life. What the Lord want to show you tonight is divine Favour from Heaven, and you will be satisfy with that Divine Favour because what the Lord will plant in your life tonight is divine favour and your life will be full of the blessings of the Lord, in everywhere you go, you will be accepted. The people who do not know the Lord will suffer eternally and as their days, so is their wicked works because they do not have the strength to Obey Christ, but you will be different because your shoes shall be iron and brass; and as your days, so shall your strength be and you will tread upon scorpion and dwell in safety IN Jesus Name Amen. Your misery and what surround you is gone and forgotten, all the threat of enemies is a lie, your enemies shall be found liars unto you, and tonight, things are turning around in your life because what is coming upon your life is remarkable manifestation of Divine Favour IN Jesus Name, Amen.



1 Kings 18:1; Numbers 23:19; Psalms 105:42-45; 2 Peter 1:3; Romans 4:18-21.

The Almighty God has make A Promise, and He’s ‎going to fulfil all His Promises in our lives, we need to understand that, anytime the word of God came to Elijah, he knew there’s going to be a great performance and manifestation, and you need to have the same mind with the word of God because the word of God supersede any other words and it’s preeminence, the word of God is going to throw away other words you heard and anytime the word of God comes before you, something will happen. Anywhere Elijah shewed up, miracle shewed up, and in your life you will see the refreshing of the Rain of Blessings of God in your life, the drought will be over, the dryness will be over, the discouragement will be over, the scarcity will be over in your life tonight IN Jesus Name Amen. Wherever that Job is, supply is coming and that Job is coming on your way because it’s the confirmation of the word of God, God doesn’t change and so it’s His Word. His Mind doesn’t change, He says He will save you and supply your needs and He will not change His Mind and it’ll be done because God is not a man that He should lie, His word will be fulfilled, God always remember His promise and when A word come from the mouth of God, it’s a Holy declaration, it’s a Holy promise. When Christ said on the Cross: “IT IS FINISHED “, God always remember that, and through that word of Christ, He’s bringing you out with Joy tonight, He prepared us for obeying the statues of God and keeping His law, and as we obey His word promptly, He will also fulfill His Promise in our lives. God blesses people according to His divine Power and not according to your own weakness, and He’s going to bless you Spiritually, Materially and healing for every cell of your body In Jesus Name Amen. He will grant you total rest and peace of mind because according to His divine power He has given us all things pertaining unto life and Godliness, you are partaker tonight, but we need to have a good disposition and good attitude towards the word of God, let your Faith shows that you are hopeful in God and you will become somebody ‎Different, you don’t have to be stagger at the promise of God, we must have the mind of God and we’ll not stagger at the promise of God tonight, our God the Almighty is Able, and so be it according to your FAITH.


1 Kings 18:2-12, 15-17, 21; Matthew 6:24; 1 Kings 18:22-24, 30-39.

Tonight, what you are going to have is supernatural Abundance, Material abundance, professional Abundance because the Lord hath said it and something is going to happen in your life, when you are working among those who Oppose Christ, you will single yourself Out because you are different and God is going to Grant you supernatural Abundance IN Jesus Name Amen. When the message comes to you, it’ll take an effect in your life, Elijah was not afraid of anybody, he was so bold and courageous, and tonight that boldness and the Spirit and courage of Elijah will come upon you because Greater is the Almighty God. Stand up straight and the evil people will not discovered where you are because your life is secure in the Almighty God, your family is secure, and so your business is secure in Christ nobody will bring you down, Elijah didn’t even know that he will not die, but the Spirit of God will take him away like preview of the Rapture, and the Prophet Obadiah prophesied that into his life and it eventually came to pass, every positive Prophesies will be fulfilled in your life God will cause your enemies to run era for you because the word of Power and of Authority will come out from your mouth, but you must understand that we cannot server God with mammon, we must decide Christ wholeheartedly and completely, Elijah alone with God, he was a majority, we should not fear those gods of iron, but we must fear our God the Creator of the Heaven and Earth, you are no more frighten and anxious because you know something is going to happen in your life. The Lord will grant you the request of your heart immediately IN Jesus Name Amen and people will see that manifestation, miracle and Power of God in your life, and that rain of Blessings is going to fall upon you from Heaven now In JESUS Name. Amen.

1 Kings 18:41-45; James 5:17; Luke 18:7; Hebrews 10:36-37; Matthew 7:7-8, 11; 1 Thessalonians 5:24; Isaiah 65:24.

There’s no Prayer of doubt in God, there’s no prayer of unbelief in God, there’s going to be a confirmation in your life tonight because today’s Prayer is going to be a prayer of assurance and something tangible will happen in your life. There’s assurance of miracles coming to you today, Elijah prayed and fire came down like the rain is coming down upon us today, Ahab couldn’t understand this because the knowledge of God upon Elijah supersede his knowledge. Tonight, people like Ahab will not understand and have s
Supersede FAITH over your life, the promises of God are yes and Amen and you must see something, the windows of heaven are upon you and you will see it, as we pray, you will see something great, and as we are waiting for abundance Grace of God, it’ll expand, it’ll grow and multiply in your life. Heaven will give rain, God will visit you as you ask and it’ll be given to you In Jesus Name Amen. Tonight is the night answer prayer, there will be marvelous answer prayer in your life, and there’s going to be abundance, miracle, Favour, signs and wonders in your life tonight IN Jesus Name. Amen.

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