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1.Let the Sanctity pow’r move with in my soul this hour.
Burning every tendency in me to sin.
Give me freedom from sin, and its dominion within
Oh Lord sanctify my heart within

  1. Are you Sanctity within,
    are you purified indeed is the inbreed sin uprooted from your heart;
    Let the sanctifying pow’r move now as a burning fire;
    You’ll be Sanctitied and purified.
  2. Have you Left the world of sin, have you set yourself apart
    Come now to the forbidden filled with Jesus’s blood;
    If you plung into this blood His likeness He will impart.
    His blood will Sanctity thru His word.
  3. I appeal to Jesus’s blood, graciously shed on the Cross,
    That is ever flowing today like a flood;
    Send this clean sing flow oh Lord,
    Let it wash my heart of God I can thirsty am I’m waiting the Lord.
  4. Chorus
    Lord I need your second touch again at
    Your feet all my inbred sin I lay.
    I’ve been save from sin without
    I now come with faith not doubt oh Lord Sanctity my heart I pray.
    Words &Music: EUGENE C. IZUNOBI
    Arrangement. & Harmony by Authority; O.A.U

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