Christian songs with lyrics


Heaven is my priority
Written by Gastonjeremiah

1. Compromisers know ye not,
You don’t have a place in the kingdom of the Lord,
Prepared His own; If you say you love the Lord,
Do not mingle with the world
With its sinful practices,
Repent and be God’s own.

2.Compromisers why are you unequally yoked
With the sinful world around,
Flouting God’s commend?
You cannot be a friend of God
If you entangle with the world be ye separate,
Come out and obey the Lord’s commend

3.Sons and daughters of the Lord,
Be ye not ashamed flagging up the righteous flag:
Standing for the right;
Tho’ uncommon it may be, ‘others may but
We cannot compromise the Lord’s commend and miss His holy sight

4.What agreement hath the Lord, with _ Belial?
What part has he that believes with an infidel
Light and darkness cannot blend, good and evil cannot Rhys
Compromisers change your ways or face wrath of hell.

5. Compromisers common phrase, “it doesn’t matter”
If too change God’s word a bit just to please the world;
Compromising preachers too, preach to suit and please the crowd.
Never bothered if those souls would perish without God

6.True believers know ye not, ye are not your own?
Ye are temples built by God for the living God;
For He said “I’ll dwell in them, walk in them and live them,
They shall be my people and I’ll surely be their God”

“Be ye not unequally yoked with unbelievers:
“Thus says the Lord;
“What fellowship hath darkness with light?
So come out from among them, I’ll be your God”


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