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Don’t you care if men should go to hell? lyrics by Authority O.A.U

don’t you care
dying men

Don’t you care if men are dying?
Don’t you care if he’ll they are lost?
Don’t you care, if no one cares?
To tell them about the love of Jesus?
Don’t you care if men should go to hell?
Verse 1
Everyday people die, going to lost eternity
How do you care about the sinner’s fate;
You must go and warned them,
Shout it loud, before it is too late.
Verse 2
Rescue the lost, do it now,
There’s no more time to linger,
Else they will die without the saving faith;
And the full salvation, 
Rescue them before it is too late ate.
Verse 3
Go to the highways and preach,
Go to the valleys to proclaim
Carry the gospel to the lost,
Go tell; them that Jesus loves them,
Do it now, so won’t go to he’ll.
Verse 4
The savior died on the cross,
He shed his precious blood for all
If you and I would not go to the world;
Bring them to Jesus,
How could we be e’er free from their blood?
Verse 5
There is a task we must do,
White are the fields,
But workers few up on the mountains,
Down the by-ways go;
Spread the gospel message,
Spread it now, so everyone will know

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